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About us:

Nekos.Pro was originally created with the intent of serving ToS friendly hentai material to Discord, among other platforms. The vast majority, if not every NSFW API currently out there, uses images/content relating to underage characters. Nekos.Pro seeks to eliminate the need for reliance on unfiltered & unmoderated content. This comes with several drawbacks, however. Since every image has to be manually reviewed+every character name has to be recorded, you'll notice our content count is smaller than competing APIs/services. However, Nekos.Pro is always expanding its library of content in the hopes of becoming "the next big thing" on Discord. If you'd like to give us your feedback, suggestions, or offer assistance, then you can find us in our Discord server. We have big plans moving into 2024, but we'll need your help getting there, so please consider subscribing to our Patreon, adding our Discord bot, or simply by just joining our Discord server.

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